Pain Treatments at Novus Spine & Pain CenterNovus Spine & Pain Center features high quality care, using a comprehensive approach and cutting edge pain management therapies to treat pain. We work together with our patients to restore function and regain an active lifestyle, while also minimizing the need for opiates.

If you suffer from ongoing pain, we look forward to working with you to discover the cause of your pain, which can then by treated with interventional procedures that are minimally invasive.

Here is a list of minimally invasive treatments we use to treat pain at Novus Spine & Pain Center:

Relief From Chronic Pain with Dr. Torres at Novus Spine & Pain Center

Bill describes his personal success story of finding relief from chronic back and leg pain with the help of Dr. Torres at Novus Spine & Pain Center.

“They told me point blank, ‘You’ve had this for quite some time. This is gonna be a tough thing to go ahead and reverse completely, but we’re gonna eliminate the pain, if nothing else.’ And he has done that.”

One patient’s story in her own words about finding chronic pain relief from headaches and complications with the help of Dr. Torres at Novus Spine & Pain Center.

I thank Novus Spine & Pain Center for being there when I needed them the most. I’m now pain-free, and I don’t have to take any more meds.